Episode 588: Open Space 51: Where Would I Send A Rover? And More...

November 8th, 2019

It was another solo live QA this week and I did my best to answer as many audience questions as I could do, closing in on 60 questions during the hour. Needless to say it was a wide-ranging conversation with questions about where I think rovers should go, what do I think about time travel, and whether we should do more SETI or build more space telescopes.

The thumbnail is for a Greenland rover called Grover. Here's an article about it:

01:28 Updates
05:58 Has Canada got an exoplanet?
06:10 Thoughts on Hygiea?
07:00 Where would I send a rover?
07:79 Has NASA done sex studies in space?
08:05 How can black holes ever merge?
09:55 What does a rocket push against?
11:05 What do I think of metallic hydrogen?
12:50 What's my most memorable space event?
15:36 Have I seen any time travel videos?
16:00 Could Valles Marineris caused by a scraping asteroid
17:13 Why doesn't JWST's Ariane rocket have an abort system?
18:14 What would happen if a comet passed through the atmosphere?
18:39 Is Mercury tidally locked?
19:03 What will the do about food on Mars?
19:43 Do I believe in ancient aliens
19:56 How do we measure the expansion of the Universe?
21:18 Happy Halloween
21:39 What about Nibiru?
23:12 Do different worlds experience different time dilation?
24:50 Can you brew beer in microgravity?
25:20 Any relativistic calculators?
25:45 Could we see Earth in the past with a black hole?
27:45 Could we blow up asteroids?
29:00 Will SpaceX be violating the Outerspace Treaty?
31:29 Super spiral galaxies
32:35 Europa lander keep from getting fried
33:42 What do I read in my spare time?
35:05 Have they found the bolts in James Webb?
35:27 Are aliens too different?
37:00 Any breakthroughs in propulsion?
38:18 Did I see Halley's Comet?
38:30 Are there any bright comets coming?
39:37 How frequent were meteor impacts in the Late Heavy Bombardment?
40:15 Will the Moon landings actually happen?
41:30 Will there be version of Starship that could service satellites?
42:50 Space Telescopes versus SETI
43:55 Will CRISPR help modify humans to travel in space?
44:39 Collaboration with Joe Scott
45:00 Can we terraform Venus?
45:30 Live telescope streaming?
45:54 Upcoming astronomy events?
46:07 Why grow plants in regolith?
46:56 Why do we only see photons when they hit a thing?
48:04 Could we move a pole faster than the speed of light
48:55 Could they make an anti-asteroid version of Starship?
49:58 Where did Theia come from?
50:50 What if a star made a direct hit on a black hole?
51:37 Could we terraform Mars if we set up factories on it?
52:56 Is the Sun part of Alpha Centauri?
53:29 What does the X-37B
55:00 Does it make sense to send a new Voyager?
55:39 Could there be infinite Earths?
56:00 Most realistic space movie?
57:38 When will we live off fusion energy?
59:20 What's SpaceX's plan to get through the Van Allen Belts?
59:40 How did X-37B launch?

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