Episode 589: Q&A 106: Do Geostationary Satellites Reenter The Atmosphere? And More...

November 15th, 2019

In this week's questions show, I answer what will bring geostationary satellites back to Earth, if you could use the heat on Venus to power a rover, why are we so arrogant to believe that life formed only here on Earth, and more.

01:38 How long will geostatationary satellites survive?
04:31 Could you use the heat on Venus to power a rover?
05:50 Arrogant to think Earth is unique with life
07:33 What kinds of rocks are on Mars?
09:31 Perovskite solar panels on Earth?
11:27 Could there be planets with polar orbits?
13:13 SagA* % mass of the Milky Way
14:25 How do missions tackle micrometeorites?
17:05 Why doesn't a black hole turn into a regular object?
18:22 Why do sci-fi spacecraft move unrealistically in space?
21:11 What clocks will Martians use?
23:03 Could we search for dips in light to find Planet 9?

Want to be part of the questions show? Ask a short question on any video on my channel. I gather a bunch up each week, and answer them here.

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