Episode 581: Open Space 50: When Will There Be Giant Rotating Space Stations? And More...

October 28th, 2019

In this week's live QA, we talked about rotating space stations, the materials that can be made in space, what telescopes and binoculars I use. And there were a lot of questions about James Webb.

04:15 When will we see a rotating space station?
09:27 Are there materials that can only be made in space?
11:11 What's my telescope?
12:51 What are my binoculars?
13:47 What's the status of the B612 Foundation?
15:16 Could we terraform Venus?
17:52 More on my binoculars
19:19 Should we build a sunshield to offset climate change?
21:43 If SLS is canceled, what happens?
26:42 What happens when there's no mass?
28:45 What are my hopes about James Webb?
31:47 Is there a finite amount of mass in the Universe?
32:07 Is there a backup James Webb?
33:45 How is time affected in zero mass?
34:15 Why launch James Webb from South America?
36:44 Borisov is coming through the ecliptic
37:37 Will LUVOIR get built?
40:35 Will James Webb find Planet X?
41:15 Is the Planetary Society a lobbiest organization?
44:20 Will we migrate to another planet?
49:36 Sea Dragon revisted?
50:47 Where would I go in the Universe?
55:46 Could we use asteroids for tourism?
58:15 What if Starship landed on Titan?

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