Episode 581

Open Space 50: When Will There Be Giant Rotating Space Stations? And More...


October 28th, 2019

1 hr 4 secs

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About this Episode

In this week's live QA, we talked about rotating space stations, the materials that can be made in space, what telescopes and binoculars I use. And there were a lot of questions about James Webb.

04:15 When will we see a rotating space station?
09:27 Are there materials that can only be made in space?
11:11 What's my telescope?
12:51 What are my binoculars?
13:47 What's the status of the B612 Foundation?
15:16 Could we terraform Venus?
17:52 More on my binoculars
19:19 Should we build a sunshield to offset climate change?
21:43 If SLS is canceled, what happens?
26:42 What happens when there's no mass?
28:45 What are my hopes about James Webb?
31:47 Is there a finite amount of mass in the Universe?
32:07 Is there a backup James Webb?
33:45 How is time affected in zero mass?
34:15 Why launch James Webb from South America?
36:44 Borisov is coming through the ecliptic
37:37 Will LUVOIR get built?
40:35 Will James Webb find Planet X?
41:15 Is the Planetary Society a lobbiest organization?
44:20 Will we migrate to another planet?
49:36 Sea Dragon revisted?
50:47 Where would I go in the Universe?
55:46 Could we use asteroids for tourism?
58:15 What if Starship landed on Titan?

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