Episode 559: Open Space 43: Welcome to Season 2. Mixing Concrete in Space, And More...

September 10th, 2019

Welcome back to Season 2 of my weekly live QA. Your chance to ask me your questions about space and astronomy... live. Sometimes I'll have guests, and sometimes I won't. This week... I didn't.

You wanted to know about recent news about astronauts mixing concrete in space, the formation of craters on Titan, and what might be the difficulties of people going to the Moon or Mars?

04:22 Mixing concrete on ISS?
07:44 Could you make shotcrete from regolith?
09:50 Why do some planets spin backwards?
12:22 Formation of Titan's lakes
14:02 Why don't millionaires and billionaires live on the Moon?
18:40 Will SpaceX make electric rockets?
21:21 What if Mars crashed into Jupiter?
23:12 Why are LISA and LIGO only 2-dimensional?
26:13 Could we survive without a pressure suit?
27:24 How is the Planet 9 search going?
28:25 Why hasn't Tim Dodd finished his new video?
29:19 Does gravity move in a different speed through different media?
30:46 Any difficulties in crewed missions to the Moon or Mars?
33:35 What is my opinion on the Great Filter?
34:26 How do we know how old the Universe is?
36:34 How do we avoid space madness?
38:29 Does quantum enganglement allow instant communication?
41:30 When will we prove dark matter exists?
45:39 Is it possible that dark matter is antimatter?
46:30 When will we visit Neptune again?
47:10 Does the Fermi Paradox make me less scared about AI?
48:12 Any protocols for alien contact?
49:23 Plans to send an asteroid hunter to L3
50:23 What's the deal with Saturn's rotation?
51:24 Why are we hearing about NEOs?
55:10 Do they do autopsies on astronauts?
56:34 Upcoming shows and projects

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