Episode 560: Q&A 99: Could We Find Life On Venus? And More, Featuring SciManDan

September 12th, 2019

In this week's questions show, I talk about searching for life on Venus, trying to get to orbit with a jet, and why NASA probably shouldn't hire me. This episode features special guest SciManDan.

Check out his channel at:

00:20 Could there be life on Venus?
03:30 Could you get into orbit with a jet?
06:31 Should NASA hire me?
08:57 Will junk get trapped in the Lagrange points
10:57 Kerbal 2?
12:23 Are Earth and the planets drifting away from the Sun?
13:44 Are Type III Civilizations a huge leap?
18:29 Could you turn a gas giant into a rocky planet?
19:40 How would a Moon base be powered?
21:02 Why's it hard to go to the Sun?
22:52 Couldn't we dig deep into the Moon or Mars?
25:13 Is the Earth above or below the plane of the Milky Way?

Want to be part of the questions show? Ask a short question on any video on my channel. I gather a bunch up each week, and answer them here.

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