Episode 531: Open Space 41: Seeing Jupiter At Opposition, And More...

June 18th, 2019

In this week's penultimate episode of Open Space before our summer hiatus, I give tips and tricks on seeing Jupiter, what's a good starting telescope, updates on LIGO, why rockets launch straight up, and more...

00:00 Introduction
02:00 Looking at Jupiter
02:38 Starting Telescope
03:55 Why do rockets launch vertically first?
05:04 How much should a telescope cost?
05:48 What has LIGO been seeing?
08:15 How bad is the radiation around Jupiter?
10:20 What do I think about the Lunar Gateway
13:17 Drilling into Europa
14:29 Will ISS have a successor?
16:19 Probe to Uranus/Neptune?
18:02 Why do a crewed mission to Venus?
19:39 Updates on Project Starshot?
22:30 Does light stop travelling?
23:30 What kind of transmission would come from Alpha Cen.
25:13 Ethical issues of asteroid mining
26:55 Why haven't we done rotating habitats in orbit?
31:35 Could dark matter turn into planets?
33:26 Moon base in 50 years?
35:50 Lots of people living in space by 2100?
37:14 Moon mining?
39:56 Books in any order?
40:30 When will ISS return to Earth?
41:47 Would I go to the Moon?
42:46 Have I read Artemis?
44:30 Who will be the first director to film in space
44:50 Will they take insects and worms to Mars
46:47 Best place to send humans scientifically
49:44 Is there an absolute stop?
51:11 Does the Moon have moons?
52:23 Why don't we build launch loops?
54:18 Will we infect Mars?
54:50 Missions to lava tubes?
56:30 What will AI do to us?
57:50 Would you be able to get radio signals on the Moon?
59:16 Views on AI ethics

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