Episode 529: Open Space 40: To The Moon By 2024? And More...

June 12th, 2019

In this week's live QA episode, I tackled questions about the reality of returning astronauts to the Moon by 2024, the loss of dark skies, will we ever be able to shop for our own personal spacecraft, and more.

01:00 Our hiatus
04:40 Can we really return to the Moon by 2024?
09:05 Dark sky controversy
10:28 Is it hard to stay fascinated about astronomy?
13:44 Will space travel ever be like air travel?
15:49 Didn't Trump say they weren't going to the Moon any more?
17:54 Did extraterrestrial visited our planet in the past?
19:57 Where can you get my new poster?
20:55 What is the most important invention?
23:33 If I was captain of a starship, where would I go?
24:15 Any merch?
25:40 Will we shop for personal spacecraft?
27:05 Is something looking back at us?
27:50 When will Starlink be available?
30:05 Star Trek, Star Wars or Rick and Morty
30:48 What about space elevators?
34:07 Will space planes ever be viable?
35:36 Can't they use robots to fix Hubble?
37:41 Why aren't ion engines used more often?
40:32 Would I fly on Virgin Galactic?
41:20 Why don't nations work on Mars missions together?
42:55 What does the poster behind my head say?
43:00 Will solar power work on Mars?
45:06 Would capturing satellites be profitable?
47:00 Are there more efficient ways to land on Mars?
47:44 Could SpaceX be allowed mine an asteroid?
50:25 Has audio been recorded on another world?
52:13 No weapons of mass destruction in space
52:53 Could someone get the RTGs from the Voyagers to make a weapon?
53:27 Are the number of stars in the Milky Way increasing?
55:32 Will we be able to communicate faster than light?
56:17 What's the punishment for violating the Outerspace Treaty?
57:30 Wrap up

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