Episode 528

Q&A 88: How Could We Cool Down Venus? And More...


June 6th, 2019

21 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

Here's my interview on Space Junk about the Fermi Paradox:

00:29 Are rings only limited to gas giants?
02:30 If we blocked the light on Venus, would it cool down?
04:34 What would it take to build a generational ship?
06:20 Do airplanes avoid telescopes?
08:16 Examples of reused spacecraft designs.
10:17 Could we breath an alien atmosphere?
12:02 How do they evacuate ISS?
13:21 What is the cost of the Hubble Space Telescope?
15:12 Are we unique in the Universe?
17:10 Can't astronauts wear weights?
18:37 Research into weaponizing asteroids?
20:23 Dig caverns on the Moon or Mars?
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