Episode 516: Open Space 37: Can The Sun Release A Killer Flare? And More...

May 7th, 2019

01:11 Is our Sun capable of releasing a super flare?
04:10 How much for a decent starting telescope?
05:20 Is terraforming Mars pointless?
07:08 Will alien life exist in the future?
09:03 Will Dobsonians work in a city?
09:45 What is the space race trying to achieve?
12:31 Can an artificial magnetic field stop space radiation?
14:04 Would I go to Mars?
14:38 Interferometer the size of Mars' orbit?
17:06 Why build bigger telescopes?
18:32 Why isn't everything expanding?
20:18 When is the next Decadal Survey?
21:35 Live telescopes?
21:57 Should we have an international space agency?
23:57 Is there a theoretical upper limit to black holes?
24:20 What will we accomplish in the next 100 years?
25:32 Life on Titan?
27:32 Did we capture any planets or moons from outside the Solar System?
28:32 Can I retire on Mars in 30 years?
29:59 How would we capture an asteroid to mine it?
31:16 Why don't we search for other kinds of life?
33:30 Simulation theory?
36:02 Haven't we tried reusable rockets before?
37:18 Geoengineering to stop global warming?
39:20 Did life ever exist on Mars?
40:43 Any viewers outside the US?
41:34 Any big errors I've made?
43:20 When will we start asteroid mining?
44:27 When will we get a bloopers episode?
45:02 Most exciting project?
47:00 What about Venus?
48:43 Any cancelled projects that make me sad?
49:43 Can we plant trees on other planets?
51:18 Will spacesuits get better?
53:13 Will Mars spacesuits protect from radiation?
54:11 My opinion of nuclear energy?
55:45 Travel to space in our lifetime?
56:25 Will I do a small QA tour?
57:01 Does my wife love space too?
58:10 Does a 2024 Moon landing make sense?



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