Episode 517: QA 85: Am I Optimistic About Humanity? And More...

May 9th, 2019

00:18 Am I optimistic about humanity?
01:59 Is the expansion happening everywhere?
04:03 How do they keep dust off big telescopes?
05:02 What if Olympus Mons erupted?
06:36 Can we see through the Bootes Void?
08:18 Could we make a really big Event Horizon Telescope?
09:53 Would we see a supernova in realtime?
11:53 Why are asteroids worth so much money?
13:08 Why don't we live on Venus?
14:54 Why do rockets go sideways?
15:58 Are gravitational waves being created all the time?
17:42 How can you tell the size of an object?



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