Episode 703

Open Space 98: Can White Dwarf Stars Have Habitable Planets? And More...


December 8th, 2020

1 hr 1 min 37 secs

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About this Episode

In this week's live questions show, I explain why planets can remain habitable long after their stars have died, what we're going to do now that Arecibo has collapsed, how we'll explore the oceans underneath Europa. I also answer the question of whether or not I'm ready to learn about the secret Galactic Federation.

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00:00:00 Start
00:06:07 Can white dwarf stars have planets? Is it habitable in the long term?
00:09:50 Can bugs fly on the space station?
00:11:16 How will we track asteroids without Arecibo?
00:13:41 Could Arecibo have been collapsed safely?
00:16:28 Can ISS dodge meteors?
00:18:45 What would it take to rebuild Arecibo?
00:19:45 Is there dark matter here in the Solar System?
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00:23:17 Will we be watching the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter?
00:23:40 Will Arecibo engineers be able to get other jobs?
00:24:20 Could there be captured interstellar objects in the Solar System?
00:26:50 Will I be watching the Starship test?
00:30:43 Seriously? Conjunction Star Party?
00:31:41 Will a Ryugu sample be contaminated by the Solar System?
00:33:55 Will China share their space station?
00:37:43 Should James Webb launch on a different rocket?
00:40:17 How could we actually drill into Europa?
00:43:27 How will we scan Europa's oceans?
00:46:12 Are there positive and negative magnetars?
00:48:22 How will we not contaminate other worlds with Earth life?
00:50:22 What if someone is hurt on the International Space Station?
00:51:53 Can we join the Galactic Federation?
00:52:50 Are Cargo Dragons reused?
00:53:33 How will the Europa Clipper's lander work?
00:55:35 Why doesn't Starship have escape pods?
00:57:03 What about a mission to other Jovian moons.


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