Episode 696: Open Space 94: Is It Realistic to Declare a "Free Mars"? And More...

November 10th, 2020

In this week's live QA, I talk about Elon Musk's hope of establishing a free Mars, the future of gravitational wave detectors, and what do I think about trying to live in other places in the Solar System?

00:00:00 Start
00:03:00 Thoughts on Bridenstine leaving NASA?
00:08:10 Should we declare a Free Mars?
00:11:43 How sensitive will gravitational wave detectors become?
00:17:05 More damage at Arecibo
00:19:20 Why is the Moon the same visual size as the Sun?
00:22:02 Are white holes real?
00:25:48 Any hard sci-fi
00:28:30 Why doesn't Elon talk about nuclear propulsion or artificial gravity?
00:31:03 Why is artificial gravity research so expensive?
00:33:00 What's going to happen with Artemis?
00:37:33 What do I think about GPT-3?
00:42:43 Could we live on Venus?
00:48:00 Give Venus an artificial satellite?
00:49:22 Would Mercury be better to live on?
00:51:00 What is the Great Attractor?
00:52:27 Is Titan the best?
00:53:16 Live underground on Venus?
00:55:00 Is Mercury a good source of metals?
00:55:56 Could we terraform Ceres?
00:58:15 How close can planets get to their star?



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