Episode 693: Open Space 92: Why I Hate Embargoed News Stories, and More...

October 27th, 2020

00:00:00 Start
00:04:10 Searching for exomoons
00:07:35 Why I hate embargoes
00:11:29 Discovery of water on the Moon
00:17:00 Could Spitzer target the Moon?
00:17:30 Would Jupiter's magnetosphere protect you?
00:20:56 Any space telescopes for Starship?
00:26:27 Cost of a replacement James Webb?
00:27:45 Do you need gravitational assists to go to the outer Solar System?
00:30:49 Is Juno still flying?
00:31:17 When will Starship do its next hop?
00:32:35 Could you have a world made entirely of water?
00:36:05 Will amateurs be able to use Gaia?
00:38:16 What's the impact of James Webb on other missions?
00:43:26 How can small businesses work with NASA?
00:47:00 Quantum foam particles.
00:48:40 What are the most habitable stars?
00:52:36 Does nothingness exist?
00:55:10 What does it mean that the Universe is expanding?

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