Episode 667: Open Space 84: Are Red Dwarf Planets Doomed? Should the Space Shuttle Have Been Built? And More

June 23rd, 2020

Another week, another Open Space. In this week's questions show, I talk about planets orbiting red dwarf stars, if planets could steal moons from each other, and whether or not the space shuttle should have ever been built.

02:58 Is Proxima Centauri C a gas giant?
05:22 How doomed are red dwarf planets?
07:37 Could a planet steal a moon?
10:25 Should we sent asteroids back to Earth to mine them?
14:00 Do any sunlike stars have promising planets?
15:35 Why do meteors turn green?
17:51 Will Starlink communicate from Earth to Mars?
21:50 What if our supermassive black hole increased in mass?
23:35 Will spaceforce administer justice in space?
27:29 Will we discover life on Enceladus?
31:10 What is the limit of ion engines?
32:33 Have any lava tubes been explored?
34:05 How will we deal with astronaut mental health?
36:52 Would I want three telescopes at L3, L4, L5
39:10 How does the speed of gravity affect the movement of stars in the Milky Way?
40:15 Was the shuttle prematurely ended?
43:52 Is there competition for small rockets?
49:00 What if the Sun was different type of star?
51:28 Is space radiation underappreciated risk?
54:44 what are my expectations for James Webb?
55:38 What are the best ideas for cleaning space debris?
57:51 Will James Webb find biosignatures?
58:15 Does the Solar System line up with the Milky Way?

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