Episode 664: Open Space 82: What Will Happen in the Next 5 Decades? And More...

June 22nd, 2020

Another week, another Open Space. This week I answer questions about what we might see in the next 5 decades. When dark matter will get debunked, and who will carry the Mars torch after Elon Musk passes away.

03:35 What will happen in the next 5 decades?
07:09 Will dark matter be debunked?
10:50 Who will carry the Mars torch after Elon?
13:17 Do I have a PhD?
14:33 Could civilizations be hiding in the infrared?
19:07 What laws should be in place before a mission to Mars?
23:25 If you could name a space program?
24:28 Can light travel faster than light?
25:30 Why aren't we using gliders to access the ISS?
28:12 What if a white hole passed through the Solar System?
29:26 Where do Von Neumann probes get their raw materials?
30:30 Am I happy with the militarization of space?
33:21 Have I read the Bobiverse books?
33:37 What if the speed of light wasn't constant?
35:10 Is Planet X a myth?
37:41 How will James Webb view habitable exoplanets?
39:02 What is the most frustrating space myth?
41:30 Is there something beyond Neptune?
44:35 How do coronographs work?
47:28 Would incoming alien ships unite the Earth?
49:20 Could you fly through Jupiter?
51:48 Should we let aliens know we eat ham and pineapple pizza?
52:25 How can the core of Jupiter be hotter than the surface of the SuN?
53:18 What field does metallic hydrogen generate?
54:00 What sci-fi books would make good movies?
56:40 What's the most likely answer to the Fermi Paradox?
56:53 Is anything in space named after me?

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