Episode 659: Open Space 81: Will Space-Time Freeze in the Far Future? And More...

June 2nd, 2020

Another week, another Open Space. This week, I answered questions about whether space-time could freeze, are standard candles like Type 1a supernovae still useful? And is the Great Attractor just a black hole?

04:33 Could spacetime freeze?
06:48 Any plans for solar observing in the star parties?
07:26 Are standard candles still useful?
14:15 Predicting future locations of planets?
15:26 Is the great attractor a black hole?
19:02 Is there a speed limit for gravity assists?
20:04 Why are there so many red dwarfs?
22:02 Did the Big Bang happen in one place?
23:02 Map of the Solar System's magnetic fields?
23:45 Favorite space travel system?
24:15 Star party for Jupiter/Saturn conjunction?
25:15 Are there stars bigger than UY Scuti?
26:50 Can moons have moons?
28:47 Best Star Trek?
29:33 Does the Moon have Lagrange Points?
30:45 Will Virgo supercluster stay together?
32:11 Favorite artificial gravity?
33:00 Would aliens feel different gravity on Earth?
34:30 What else did Crew Dragon take to the station?
34:56 Are we in a new space race?
36:33 Could you use a Moon for artificial gravity?
37:29 Why does it have to be a space race?
40:25 What did I think of Space Force?
41:26 How would territory be allocated on the Moon?
43:50 Will Mars colonists live underground?
45:00 Is James Webb too big to fail?
47:09 What about NatGeo's Mars?
47:38 Canadian space projects?
50:08 Why no missions to Uranus and Neptune?
51:20 What is Blue Origin up to?
54:50 Isaac Arthur just got married!
56:37 Strange matter versus black holes?
57:00 Canada arms and Canada legs?

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