Episode 657: Q&A 120: Dark Matter Black Holes? And More...

May 25th, 2020

In this week's questions show, I answer whether or not dark matter could become a black hole, how do we know the Universe is flat, and what would happen to the world's market for precious metals once we start mining asteroids?

Natalie Hinkel, SWRI

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00:26 Can dark matter turn into a black hole?
05:07 If the Universe is flat, how can it be expanding?
08:00 Will asteroid mining devalue markets on Earth?
10:06 Good binoculars for a newbie?
11:13 Why haven't we found Planet 9 yet?
12:55 What species will replace humanity on Earth?
16:14 What if someone found our spacecraft orbiting an interstellar object?
17:45 What if Venus and Earth swapped sizes?
19:09 Why do we need a reason for an accelerating Universe?
22:37 Is NASA moving too fast?
26:13 Could you use a leaf blower on the Moon?
27:51 Could you have an exoplanetary system without a star?

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