Episode 655: Open Space 79: How Can Black Holes Have Infinite Density But Not Infinite Gravity? And More...

May 20th, 2020

In this week's live QA, I explain why a black hole can have infinite density but not infinite gravity. Does your perception of time change due to your mass, and am I ever intimidated by the people I get to interview?

03:00 How can a singularity have infinite density and not infinite gravity?
06:02 Does your perception of time change due to your mass?
08:10 How do I feel about String Theory?
10:20 Am I intimidated by people I interview?
12:47 Is intelligent design a scientific theory?
15:21 Why don't we see practical applications on quantum mechanics?
16:34 Anyone on my wishlist of guests?
19:00 Are there alien bodies at Area-51?
20:25 Would you feel it falling into a supermassive black hole
22:00 Will we get a Grand Unified Theory in our lifetimes?
27:21 Is Blue Origin for real?
30:35 Should the US have built the super collider?
34:17 Does time go backwards if you exceed the speed of light?
35:20 What's happening with Perseverance?
37:03 Could we jumpstart a rocket planet to get a magnetosphere?
40:35 How far are we from a nuclear rocket?
42:50 Could they make a bigger particle accelerator?
45:00 Would I get neurolink?
46:42 Humans on the Moon or a 30M telescope?
48:02 Have I watched Upload yet?
48:25 Why don't we explore the deep ocean first?
51:45 Wouldn't a solar sail be stopped by photons from another star?
53:49 Could we use Ceres or Vesta to warm up Mars?
54:52 Why is the Hubble Constant increasing?

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