Episode 651: Open Space 76: What Do I Think About Those UFO Videos? And More...

May 11th, 2020

In this week's live QA, I explain what's happening with Universe Today during the megavirus, what I think about the recently released UFO videos, how aliens could hide their existence, and if Starship will cause a Kessler Syndrome.

05:05 What about those UFO videos?
08:38 How could aliens hide their existence?
13:20 How does the Decadal Survey work?
14:12 Will Starship cause a Kessler Syndrome?
16:06 Starship SN4 update
17:21 Why would aliens bother using old tech to communicate?
19:34 Could regolith be paved so it doesn't kick up dust?
21:04 Could WFIRST replace Hubble?
23:06 Did an asteroid just miss us?
27:11 How much damage will the pandemic cause to space exploration?
30:25 Our show helped someone get an A on their science report.
30:46 How is the curvature of space determined?
32:57 What of the Overwhelmingly Large Telescope got built?
35:10 When will we see boots on Mars?
36:48 What about the Middle East for space exploration?
38:30 Will Elon die on Mars?
43:34 Can a golf ball travel at the speed of light?
44:16 What value will we see from Starlink?
48:52 When will we see an exomoon?
52:25 Was I born too early or late?
54:42 What will Mars Internet be like?
56:40 What will the next century focus on?

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