Episode 636: Open Space 64: Why Send Humans to Space when Robots are Better? And More..

March 3rd, 2020

No guest this week, just a live QA with me. I counsel people on how to be patient when living on Elon Musk time, what is NASA interested in with the Moon, what's the purpose of human space exploration, and more.

01:23 Starship prototype failure
04:29 Elon Musk time
05:45 Any lunar surface mission objectives?
08:10 What's the purpose of human space exploration?
09:34 How long have I been running Universe Today?
11:45 Did Starship go higher than SLS will ever go?
13:48 Kirk or Picard?
14:44 Is there zero gravity in interstellar space?
17:25 New advanced telescope ideas coming?
19:38 Farewell Freeman Dyson
21:12 Titan, Enceladus or Europa?
22:38 Was WFIRST cancelled?
23:23 Steam powered rocket death
24:19 Is AI dangerous?
28:51 What would be certain evidence of life on another world?
31:35 How does NASA know how much fuel is on the Voyagers?
36:20 How do we know we're going to collide with Andromeda?
38:00 Favorite deep space objects
39:50 Could a Dyson Sphere around a black hole stop the heat death of the Universe?
41:22 What is the Great Attractor?
44:04 Would a laser weapon work in space?
46:59 Do we live in a simulation?
47:35 Is Betelgeuse getting brighter?
48:17 Where is Andromeda's supermassive black hole?
48:38 Influence of Big Canada Arm
50:00 Is the Universe Infinite or Finite?
52:37 What happened to MarsOne?
55:10 Is dark energy in doubt?
57:17 What if we learn that something wasn't true?

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