Episode 632: Open Space 62: Will We Need a Prime Directive in the Future? And More...

February 20th, 2020

In this week's live Q&A, and talk about whether or now we're going to need a Prime Directive in the future like Star Trek, and why aliens might have one already, could life exist on a red dwarf, and if balloons could be used to launch rockets.

04:25 Did Solar Probe break orbit?
05:45 Why do we pronounce Dutch words in our English way?
08:09 Will NASA need more money to get to the Moon?
10:54 What will it take to get into the space industry?
14:21 Do we do book reviews on Universe Today?
15:12 What was the coolest thing we saw at the AAS?
16:46 Will we need the Prime Directive in the future?
20:00 Is there a limit to a rocky planet?
20:45 Will there be information panspermia?
22:25 Is there an ultraviolet habitable zone?
23:37 Can we solve global warming without fusion?
25:33 Could life exist on a red dwarf planet?
27:08 Plans for a space elevator on the Moon?
28:43 Was there a second genesis on Mars?
31:19 How do you respond when someone says that abiogenesis isn't possible?
32:10 Will the Russians fly on Crew Dragon?
33:42 When will Bigelow Aerospace actually fly a module?
35:23 Why can't Europe sent people to space?
36:46 How is Solar Orbiter different?
38:31 Is the Skylon still a thing?
41:21 Could we use ballons for rocket launches
43:32 What about aliens that don't want to fly to space?
45:54 How do you escape your sky city on Venus?
46:34 Will hypersonic spaceplanes replace airlines?
48:18 Can nuclear bombs provide propulsion?
49:06 Can there be emission free launches?
51:02 What future telescopes are coming?
52:19 Simulation or multiverse?
54:33 Coronavirus fears?
57:45 Understanding infinite Universes

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