Episode 631: Q&A 118: Are We In a New Space Race? And More... Featuring Dr Jessie Christiansen

February 20th, 2020

In this week's questions show, I talk about how we're in a new space race, and what this means for returning to the Moon. Of course, lots of follow up answers about the Fermi Paradox. Could Betelgeuse release gravitational waves if it explodes? And what is our responsibility if we are truly alone in the Universe?

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00:24 New space race
05:27 How can I say that aliens don't exist?
07:07 Lack of evidence isn't evidence of non-existance
11:00 How can we talk about life in the Universe?
14:50 Are humans inept?
16:25 Could Betelguese released gravitational waves?
19:04 arxiv.org papers aren't peer-reviewed
21:19 If we're alone in the Universe, we shouldn't fight each other
25:18 Is the expansion of the Universe stronger than the expansion force?
27:32 How big a telescope to reveal features on exoplanets?

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