Episode 628: Q&A 117: Why Am I So Negative About Aliens? And More... Featuring Dr. Jason Wright

February 13th, 2020

In this week's questions show, I explain why I've got such a skeptical view about the search for aliens if there might be multiple great filters, and why NASA doesn't just go back and use Apollo hardware to return to the Moon?

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00:40 Are there multiple Great Filters?
02:35 Could we refuel ships in space to land on Mars
06:01 Could we put a light on the Moon to prove what we landed there?
08:18 Will James Webb Launch?
09:52 What will it take to confirm signs of life?
12:30 How long until cosmic rays die down?
16:03 Why don't we just use Apollo hardware to go back to the Moon?
19:46 Why am I so negative?
22:29 Good sources of journals?
25:43 When will you believe that it's actually aliens?

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