Episode 624: Open Space 61: Do I Think We'll Ever Travel Faster Than Light? And More...

February 4th, 2020

In this week's life Q&A, I explain why we don't send animals to space any more, why I don't think we'll ever travel faster than the speed of light, and how graveyard orbits work.

00:35 Why don't we send animals to space anymore?
06:02 Will faster than light travel ever possible?
07:34 What are graveyard orbits?
09:05 Should we go to the Moon or Mars?
12:49 High resolution images of the Sun
14:44 How do you refine metal in space?
16:11 Will SLS use pre-flown RS-25 engines
20:48 How will the ISS end?
22:49 Why we'll never build a space elevator
24:40 Is Betelgeuse continuing to dim?
26:30 Do black holes increase in volume?
28:28 What's happening with the DarkSat?
29:56 Would we detect neutrinos from Betelgeuse first?
31:25 Do I think astronomers will use legal action to stop Starlink?
35:15 How's my light pollution?
38:15 What about postponing the Moon landings to 2028?
39:40 Would I attend Stellafane?
41:15 Would I pay for others to access the internet?
42:27 Are winters bad on Vancouver Island?
43:32 Could we use the Sun as a gravitational lens?
44:50 What if the Earth doubles its rotational speed?
48:05 Does the Fermi Paradox apply to all animals?
51:05 Books I'm reading
52:25 When will Ethan Siegel return?
53:52 Can we create simulated lunar regolith?
54:44 Why doesn't gravity slow down light?
57:12 Canadian sounds for the Golden Record

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