Episode 613: Q&A 113: Could We Attach Telescopes To Starlink? And More Featuring Jeff Foust

January 16th, 2020

In this week's questions show, I've got another expert guest answerer. Space News reporter and Space Review editor Jeff Foust answers your tricky spaceflight questions. Could we attach telescopes to Starlinks? What impact will these megaconstellations have on astronomy? What can humans do that robots can't? And more...

Check out Jeff's work at:

00:30 Could there be airtight caves on Mars containing atmosphere?
01:26 Why would we actually want to go to Mars?
02:30 Could we attach telescopes to Starlinks?
03:17 Could we do gravity experiments with animals on Earth?
04:34 Has anyone tried to do surgery in space?
05:20 What can humans do in space that robots can't?
06:16 How will Starlink impact astronomy?
07:42 How will megaconstellations affect launches?

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