Episode 610: Open Space 57: Could We Terraform Earth To Make It Better? And More...

January 11th, 2020

In this week's Open Space QA, I respond to complaints about my Betelgeuse video, wonder about alien civilizations stuck in heavy gravity, and consider whether we could terraform Earth to make it better.

03:30 Betelgeuse video comments
08:30 Can gravitational waves travel at the speed of light
11:45 Can we terraform Earth to a better place?
13:38 Could there be civilizations stuck in heavy G?
15:39 Artemis or capture a NEO?
18:12 Could other planets have oil?
19:17 Is math universal?
21:38 What am I reading?
23:47 What kinds of pictures will James Webb take?
24:55 When humans walk on Mars?
27:04 Why don't I get older?
27:42 How many satellite constellations will there be?
28:44 Collecting questions
31:00 How can satellite internet compete?
31:35 Will James Webb be extra fragile?
32:20 Stream Rimworld?
33:11 How do you find sanity considering the infinite Universe
35:25 Should we care about the Universe that we can't see?
37:07 Disappearing stars?
37:30 Can we agree on the Hubble constant yet?
37:55 Speed of magnetism
38:23 First destination with a FTL spaceship
39:52 Do black holes run out of energy?
40:45 Do black holes eat spacetime?
41:50 How important are plate tectonics for life?
43:00 Is there a limit to satellite constellations?
45:10 Why don't you answer my questions?
45:52 Biggest threat from space?
48:13 Will Starlink be a problem for astronomers
50:00 String Theory, science or philosophy?
51:45 Simulation hypothesis, science or philosophy?
51:16 Which telescope to buy?
55:45 When will there be independent settlements in space?
56:45 How to protect astronauts inside Orion?
57:52 How long is a supernova dangerous?
58:21 What did I think of Consider Phlebas?

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