Episode 597: Q&A 108: Why Are There Meteor Showers Every Year? And More, Featuring Paul Geithner from JWST

November 29th, 2019

In this week's questions show, I explain why we can see meteor showers every year, why we're not 3D printing telescopes in space, why there aren't any plans to launch telescopes with SpaceX Starship. And a lengthy answer to one of the most common James Webb questions we get: can it be refueled? This was answered by Paul Geithner, a Deputy Project Manager for James Webb during a recent livestream.

01:00 Why do we see meteor showers every year?
02:49 Why not also use 3D printing for space telescopes?
04:40 Why don't they design telescopes for Starship?
07:20 Could there be a privately backed telescope?
09:54 Is there glass on the Moon to build telescopes?
11:46 Could ISS help build new space telescopes?
13:47 Space telescopes on the far side of the Moon?
15:06 Is Andromeda actually much closer?
16:27 Why spend money on science?
19:20 Why is the dark side of the Moon illuminated?
21:34 Can James Webb be refueled?

Watch the full livestream here:

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