Episode 582: Q&A 104: Should We Reconsider The Definition Of A Moon? And More...

October 30th, 2019

In this week's questions show, I explain why it's probably not time to reconsider the definition of a moon, if we could make artificial gravity with a chunk of a neutron star, and why a supermassive black hole isn't the anchor for an entire galaxy.

00:47 Should we reconsider the definition of a moon?
03:35 Could we make artificial gravity with mass?
05:48 Why didn't the Big Bang collapse back into black hole?
07:47 Why can't a black hole be the anchor of the galaxy?
10:45 How far and how small can we see?
13:37 What is left after a black hole evaporates?
15:00 Could you have a star made out of something else?
16:32 Could a planet orbit a binary star?
18:29 Could aliens Planet 9?
19:24 If aliens are advanced, we're no threat
21:35 How can aliens not exist?
22:30 Why don't they put a microscope in a rover?

Want to be part of the questions show? Ask a short question on any video on my channel. I gather a bunch up each week, and answer them here.

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