Episode 578: Open Space 49: How Can Planets Capture Asteroids? And More...

October 15th, 2019

No guest this week, just a live QA with me and the audience about all things space and astronomy. People had questions about how planets can capture asteroids to turn them into moons, what rocket James Webb will use to fly to space, and why you can't use antimatter to destroy a black hole.

05:45 How can a planet capture an asteroid?
07:21 Why are quasars so far from us?
09:26 How could you make a black hole of photons?
11:25 Would I rather live a year on the Moon or Mars?
12:46 What will JWST launch on
14:08 What's the limit on a planet's mass for rocketry?
17:06 Do I prefer to observe alone?
18:55 Why doesn't antimatter destroy black holes?
20:43 Will we get space engines from The Expanse?
24:05 Shouldn't we solve our problems here on Earth?
26:30 What happens to us when the Sun dies?
28:28 Why aren't there video cameras on Mars?
30:00 How do we learn about what things are made of with radio waves?
32:00 Are there any metals in space that can't find on Earth?
33:12 How do we measure distances to stars?
35:16 EMDrive
36:23 Are metals precious to the planet you're on
37:05 Will Skylon fly?
38:35 Cyanogen gas in comets
39:12 Talking to people who don't care about space
41:00 How do planets start forming?
41:48 What do I think of antimatter rockets?
43:09 Could we build an arm to lift us to space?
43:32 Should we just colonize space itself?
44:20 Is Planet 9 a black hole?
50:11 Does Canada have radio telescopes?
50:50 When will a black hole turn into regular matter again?
51:30 Wildlife on Vancouver Island
53:13 Could breakthrough starshot work to redirect asteroids?
54:25 Could we see life on Alpha Centauri?
57:00 Is Alpha Centauri visible from the North?
57:30 Would generation ships work?

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