Episode 565: Q&A 100: When Will Earth Be Uninhabitable? And More, Featuring Anton Petrov

September 19th, 2019

In this week's questions show, I explain that life on Earth has less time than you think, if there could be multiple supermassive black holes inside the Milky Way, and what would we see if Mars replaced the Moon. Featuring Anton Petrov from WhatDaMath.

Check out his channel here:

00:29 When will the Earth be unlivable?
03:00 Are there more supermassive black holes inside the Milky Way?
04:48 What if Mars replaces the Moon?
06:32 Can bed bugs handle space travel?
07:37 Let's use the Moon's resources
09:25 Other methods of finding gravitational waves?
12:01 Could we put a Voyager to sleep for a long time?
13:58 Could we jump off Phobos or Deimos?
15:35 Could Alpha Centauri see the Earth?
17:24 Why refuel in space?
19:22 Are quasars dangerous?

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