Episode 532: Q&A 89: Why Didn't NASA Build More Hubbles? And More...

June 21st, 2019

In this week's questions show, I explain why NASA decided to build James Webb and not more Hubble Space Telescopes, what would happen if you opened up a jar in space, and do we know of any stars without planets?

00:45 Why doesn't NASA build more Hubbles?
02:42 Where did life come from?
04:05 What if you opened a jar in space?
05:58 Why didn't I answer your question?
07:15 Will we give up all the sky?
09:06 Annoyed about light pollution.
10:28 Less satellites, higher up
11:41 Stars without planets?
12:25 Worth getting a degree in astronomy?
14:33 You can buy SpaceX stock
15:20 Do I really get death threats?
17:32 Can planets be independent from a galaxy?

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