Episode 519: Open Space 38: Thoughts On Blue Origin/Blue Moon and More...

May 14th, 2019

01:00 Gravity Wells are for Suckers poster
01:36 What's coming out soon?
03:15 Why are people worried about overpopulation?
04:41 Favorite spot on Vancouver Island to see stars?
06:12 Why no guest this week?
09:04 More about space construction?
10:25 Have I ever seen a UFO?
11:04 Could we intercept a future Oumuamua?
17:15 Episodes on future missions?
18:07 Thoughts on Jeff Bezos' Blue Moon concept?
26:46 Will we abandon spaceflight again?
30:08 What physics experiments could we do on the Moon?
34:56 Has a laser sail been tested yet?
36:44 Orbiting billboards?
38:37 Should we try to prevent Phobos crashing into Mars?
40:10 What about the space junk problem?
44:18 Any news on the BFR?
46:02 Does GPS work in space?
47:23 What's happening with the debris field from India's test?
48:37 Created artificial gravity from mining asteroids?
50:26 Magnets to get space junk?
52:54 Is a nearby star going to explode as a GRB?
54:06 Could we find a rogue planet flying past the Solar System?
55:25 Where will starman go next?
56:12 China's space elevator? Artificial moon?
57:39 Fusion in space?
59:19 Guest next week, Dennis E. Taylor, author of the Bobiverse Trilogy



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